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Ahmad Ibrahim

Co-Founder & CEO

Ahmad Ibrahim is a qualified business entrepreneur and an experienced business leader that received his academic degree in banking & finance, in addition to two master’s degrees in business and financial consultancy.

For 22 years, Ahmad has been pioneering in several financial domains, banking, Real Estate, and financial consultants in diverse regional & international markets of Europe, MENA, and GCC.

In the UAE, he has made a significant impact while serving as an executive leader for the last 10 years with three of the top leading developers.


C0-Founder Message

Formula of Succes

50% Effort+ 25% Knowledge+ 25% Experience

”In my dictionary, Success is the cumulative outcome of knowledge, experience, and effort. I believe these three aspects are the building blocks of achieving our goals in life and reaching whatever we’ve always dreamt of. Each of us has something to achieve in life. To me, each of them has been magically powerful on my path. Certainly, there are other factors that influence our paths. But those three are paramount.

Moreover, Team performance is a shared collective experience that can be leveraged to achieve great things. Communication is a crucial part of team performance. We are all motivated by different factors. Understanding the background of your team’s experience and giving them the right guidance can be a powerful way to create the spirit of adherence, discipline, and intimacy.

Essentially, there are plenty of real estate companies and there will always be, but what really distinguishes my team is credibility and accountability toward our clients and how they become fully involved with them to make sure that they delivered the best honest result that matches their expectations.’’

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